Durham Downs Station

Purchased by Sir Sidney Kidman in 1909, Durham Downs is located in the magnificent channel country of southwest Queensland and is one of the highest regarded grazing blocks in Australia. The property spans over 8,910km2 and runs approximately 21,000 head of cattle.

With the Cooper Creek floodplain centrally dividing the property, Durham Downs provides abundant access to water and floodplain pastures. The property’s extensive rolling stony tablelands, with Mitchell grass down each side of the floodplain, make it most suitable for breeding or backgrounding younger steers.

The homestead area, set upon the banks of the Cooper Creek, features expansive green lawns, a modern kitchen with adjoining BBQ, and an entertainment area. As the property is quite remote, an enthusiastic and active social club exists to create a friendly and inclusive environment for all.

Recent investments to the property included two new permanent cattle yards and the installation of a state-of-the-art digital UHF system which allows for continuous communication across the property.

At Durham Downs, animal welfare and the safety of all team members are top priority. The passionate team loves their work and the animals they care for. Ongoing training in low stress stock handling, horsemanship, and motorcycles is offered, allowing team members to continue growing their skills and contributing to the success of the property.