Durrie Station

Acquiring the property in 1913, Durrie Station has been in the S.Kidman & Co. portfolio for well over 100 years.

Located in the Diamantina channel country, Durrie Station is considered to be some of the best grazing country in the state. The 6,600km2 property is used as a bullock depot, running up to 9,000 head at any given time.

The property has extensive flood out areas within the floodplain of one of the most reliable rivers in the channel country. Furthermore, the property offers a good balance of higher ground to ensure cattle safety is maintained during periods of flooding, allowing cattle to continue to thrive while awaiting access to the floodplains.

Numerous improvements have been made to Durrie in recent years including new yards, the construction of ten new dams, and the introduction of solar power.

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