Helen Springs Station

The 5,700km2 Helen Springs Station sits on the western end of the Barkly Tablelands, and is one of two S. Kidman and Co properties located in the Northern Territory.

Helen Springs Station has a herd of 30,000 Coolibah Composite cattle and maintains a strong emphasis on fertility, which is driven by a fully segregated herd. All female progeny are retained as potential replacement breeders, whilst the male progeny are transferred to channel country properties.

At Helen Springs, there is an ongoing focus on developing infrastructure to better stock living conditions. As such, improvements have been made to increase access to water and shade. New fences are also being erected to decrease paddock sizes in order to better utilise pastures.

Significant upgrades have been made to the yard infrastructure, providing plenty of shade and a dust free environment for the stock and the team.

A stunning garden and lawn area at the Helen Springs Station compound provide a very inviting feeling. Central to the compound is the station kitchen, social club area, and swimming pool, providing a hub which is enjoyed by the team and any guests to the property.


Employment Opportunities | Helen Springs Station

Fixed-Wing Pilot

Job Ref: SK-HSP-PSH-22

  • Full Time
  • Helen Springs Station
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