Morney Plains Station

Morney Plains Station was bought and sold many times prior to its purchase by Sir Sidney Kidman and his brother Tom in 1912. This was the first time Sir Sidney had entered in to a business partnership with his brother.

Located in south west Queensland, Morney Plains is one of Kidman’s prized channel country properties. Spanning an area of 6,230km2, the property features the intersection of two of the channel country river systems (Diamantina River and Farrars Creek).

The property receives relatively reliable rainfall and with two sources of flooding, produces sweet vegetation to succeed as a premier breeding or growing property.

Not only does Morney Plains receive steers from Kidman’s northern properties, it also produces its own high-quality Santa Gertrudis calves each year. The property also hosts the Tuli stud herd and assists with breeding the Coolibah Composite program.