Naryilco Station


Located on the southern end of the channel country in southwest Queensland, Naryilco Station covers 7,510km2 and has a carrying capacity of 12,000 head. Highly regarded for producing excellent bullocks, Naryilco is semi-arid country consisting mainly of soft sandhills, open gibber plains, and a small area of very fertile floodplains thanks to the Warri Warri Creek, Wilson River, and the mighty Cooper Creek.

With lovely green lawns and glorious shade provided by 30 year old Moreton Bay fig trees, the homestead is a welcoming sight for anyone entering the station from the red sand hill country. The property boasts a truly friendly atmosphere.

The cattle herd at Naryilco is predominantly Santa Gertrudis/Shorthorn cross, which are very well suited to the environment due to their ability to tolerate dry conditions while maintaining saleability in to various markets both North and South.

Infrastructure improvements to bores, dams, trucking yards, and roads, have been of great benefit to both the stock welfare and team members. The property now has the ability to utilise most vegetation on the property and spread stock over a larger area. This allows less grazing pressure and more efficient use of seasonal feed.

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