Rockybank Station

Rockybank Station is the source of genetics for all Kidman breeder herds. Situated in Queensland, we breed and raise Stud Santa Gertrudis and Coolibah Composite bulls for the company.  Attention to detail, investment in new genetics and land and water improvements have been the focus for Rockybank since purchase.

The station consists of highly productive broadacre forage cropping areas, productive improved pastures and native grass lands. Summer and winter rain is beneficial for pastures as well as summer and winter crops. It is a very satisfying sight to see happy cattle grazing bumper crops in good seasons, growing and putting on weight.

The station is usually staffed by a manager and two other employees who take great pride in our work, not only at Rockybank but also on the adjacent Holyrood and South Maffra properties where we raise purebred Wagyu cattle, including Wagyu bulls destined for northern breeder herds.  The staff are at the heart of all that happens. We pride ourselves on good stockmanship and presenting bulls to the company that are beefy, well grown, well handled, fertile and suitable for all environments.

The day to day tasks at Rockybank are varied. One week you could be mustering, the next sitting in a tractor sowing crops, fencing, on the grader, pulling a bore, preparing for a big AI program, stick raking, yard building, scanning bulls, semen testing bulls and many other jobs. It is never dull.

Spring time is calving season, it’s exciting and eventful. It’s very satisfying to see the bulls grow up and be presented to everyone on selection day, knowing that these bulls will produce the next generation of Kidman cattle.

Some of the best times are had each June, when all the station managers and staff from head office travel to Rockybank for the annual Kidman bull selection day.  Each manager selects his or her own bulls in a similar fashion to a public bull sale.

Yarns are told with long standing managers and office staff telling stories of old, embodying the Kidman traditions built over 100 years in the outback. Droughts, fires and floods these guys have seen it all through the good seasons and bad. It is days like these that you see the pride everyone has for the company, cattle, and staff. This is what Kidman is truly all about.