Ruby Plains Station

Nestled in the rugged Kimberley region of northeast WA, Ruby Plains Station is another prime Kidman property. Its reliable wet seasons and abundant pastures promote the successful breeding and growing of cattle.

The 4,800km2 features a variety of landscapes, from high-quality blacksoil flats to soft spinifex ridges and ranges.

Numerous creek systems flow through the property into three major River systems (Sturt Creek, Mary River and Black Elvira), and eventually into the Ord River. On the property’s southern boundary is the Wolfe Creek Crater, the second largest meteorite crater in the world.

On average, Ruby Plains is home to 24,000 head of cattle. The herd is mainly Brahman with an infusion of Charbray, Coolibah Composite and Wagyu.

Expansive, lush lawns and well-established trees surround the homestead, which is located on the bank of a creek. Over the years the homestead has grown to accommodate the needs of the property and the changing of the times. The main house was replaced in the late 70’s, with additions built onto it in the 80’s and again in 2010.

In contrast to the open range of old, the property now has large paddocks and numerous water points consisting of dams, bores, and pipelines. Steel yards have replaced the old bronco panels. Further improvements have been made to include solar systems, digital radio, and satellite technology. Staff look forward to annual training programs to help them brush up on their skills in areas such as horsemanship and shoeing.