Mrs Gina Rinehart and David Larkin visiting drought affected farmers

With the severity of the drought affecting farmers across various regions in Australia, especially New South Wales and Queensland, Gina Rinehart together with Hancock Agriculture CEO,David Larkin visited farms that have been stricken with drought in Queensland and NSW – and personally delivered care packs to farmers who have had it tough with drought and in Queensland, additionally hail storms also. More areas in Queensland were planned to be visited, but with airports out given lack of maintenance, it made it impossible to visit the Queensland stations during the five day visit.

The care packs include a Sheridan mattress topper, pillows and towels, a selection of Australian made Aesop skincare products, chosen for being free of chemicals, so can be used by those with allergies to chemicals or other sensitivities and other items, such as homemade choc rum balls and wines.

And a big thank you to Mr David Statham who kindly donated the use of his twin engined plane and pilots so that the drought care packages could be timely delivered to New South Wales farms – and so that Mrs Rinehart could have her first visit to Sundown Valley farm too.




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