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Santa Gertrudis Brisbane Launch

S. Kidman & Co was delighted to launch its Santa Gertrudis beef product in Brisbane last night, following on from a successful Adelaide Launch in early March.

Kidman’s Santa Gertrudis beef is grain fed for 100 days to produce some of the most tender and tasty beef on the market.

The 100-day grain fed Santa Getrudis is another step in building upon and adding to the great Kidman legacy, recognising the great history of the 100-year plus company and paying respect to Sir Sidney Kidman and his endeavours which start way back in the late 1890’s.

Kidman’s Australian Santa Getrudis cattle are born and grown on our cattle stations in Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia and then fed grain for 100 days at our South Australian feedlot and processed in South Australia.

Highlights of the launch included speeches by CEO of Hancock Agriculture, David Larkin, and Executive Chairman of Hancock and S. Kidman & Co, Gina Rinehart, and a performance by Olympic team members of synchronised swimming, making this beef launch different to all others and probably a world’s first! In addition, highlights also included the excellent reception by guests of the Santa Getrudis grain fed beef. 

For photos of the launch, please click here.