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Business feature: It Ain’t no bull

PREMIUM: Geoff Butler (pictured) with his bulls, has been producing quality Santa Gertrudis that have become highly regarded in the market.

Following the purchase of the cattle empire S.Kidman and Co.  by Hancock Agriculture, in 2017, Gina Rinehart became the majority owner of a very large Santa Gertrudis Herd.

Gina was so impressed with the quality and flavour of the beef, when she tasted it on one of Kidmans cattle properties that she has launched a new beef brand – ‘ Kidmans Santa Gertrudis Beef’.

The beef brand has been targeted at the high quality end of the market, at this stage throughout Adelaide and South Australia,  with a national launch to follow as the supply of product increases.

Locally, Geoff and Mary Butler, operating from Kamawa Stud at Wauchope, have long been aware of the good eating quality of their Santa Gertrudis cattle. The cattle are predominantly polled, to cater to domestic market producers and cross breeders of mainly British breed cattle.

Stokes Wholesale Meats at  Wauchope also like the Santas and Santa /Hereford cross , which they breed themselves, for this good quality and carcass yield.

Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud specialises in producing early maturing, thick, muscly cattle, predominantly polled since 1989 when the stud was first registered.

The herd are easy to handle with the typical Santa appearance and large ears,

Temperament is a plus with the Santas and the Butler family have deliberately selected for this trait, to the extent that their entire herd is placid, consistently providing very docile bulls and heifers for their clients.

This year the stud has a good line up of bulls for sale, all of them polls.

A small number of heifers are also available, some commercial and some classified ‘S’, for stud buyers.

As many local breeders know, Santa Gertrudis give outstanding hybrid vigour when crossed with the British and other breeds – giving increased weight in weaners and also in older steers.

They also have a degree of tropical adaption with some immunity to ticks and flies and good level of heat tolerance.

Geoff and Mary Butler would like to invite any interested parties to inspect the cattle at Kamawa Stud  Wauchope. Visit for more information.

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