Our History

Sir Sidney Kidman, born on May 9, 1857, in Adelaide, South Australia, was a legendary figure in Australia’s cattle industry. Kidman grew up in rural South Australia and developed a deep love for the land and livestock from a young age. In 1870, at the age of 13, he started working as a drover and gained valuable experience in handling and managing cattle.

In 1899, Kidman founded S. Kidman & Co, establishing its headquarters in Adelaide. He began with a single property, named “Carnbrae,” which he acquired with the help of his business partner and brother-in-law, William Mortlock. Over the years, Kidman displayed exceptional business acumen, expanding his cattle empire through strategic acquisitions and leases.

Kidman had a profound understanding of the Australian landscape and its potential for cattle grazing. He skillfully negotiated leases with the government, allowing him to access vast tracts of land for grazing purposes. These leases spanned across several Australian states, including South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory.

Under Kidman’s leadership, S. Kidman & Co grew rapidly, becoming one of the largest and most successful pastoral companies in Australia. The company developed an extensive network of cattle stations, encompassing millions of acres of land and employing numerous stockmen and drovers.

Kidman was known for his shrewd business practices and attention to detail. He invested in innovative infrastructure, such as wells, bores, and dams, to ensure a reliable water supply for his cattle. He also established a transportation system, which included cattle trains and droving routes, to move livestock across vast distances.

Despite facing numerous challenges, such as droughts, economic fluctuations, and the isolation of the Australian outback, Kidman’s determination and resilience allowed him to weather these difficulties. He built a reputation for producing high-quality beef, which earned him lucrative contracts with markets in Australia and overseas.

Apart from his business endeavors, Kidman was also involved in philanthropy and community development. He donated significant sums to charities and supported local initiatives that aimed to improve the lives of people living in rural areas.

Sidney Kidman continued to oversee S. Kidman & Co until his death in 1935 at the age of 78. His legacy, however, lived on through the company, which remained under family ownership and continued to thrive in the cattle industry.

In 2015, S. Kidman & Co made headlines when it was acquired by a consortium led by Australian billionaire Gina Rinehart and Chinese company Shanghai CRED. The acquisition marked a significant chapter in the company’s history while retaining its prominent position in Australia’s agricultural sector.

Today, S. Kidman & Co remains an integral part of Australia’s beef industry and a symbol of Sir Sidney Kidman’s enduring legacy as a visionary and pioneer in the country’s pastoral history.

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