Cattle Overview

Kidman cattle are raised on our Queensland and Northern Territory properties.

At 18-24 months of age, the cattle are finished off for a minimum 120 days in the Northern New South Wales feeding hub on a carefully formulated mixture of grains.

The cattle processed are all fee of added Hormones (HGP Free) and are Halal certified.

The Kidman quality is underpinned by the MSA (Meat Standards Australia)
grading system and packed as *EQG* (Eating Quality Graded) program.

We have strict guidelines to ensure all cattle are handled and treated appropriately.

We create stress free environments, as happy cattle are healthy cattle!

Cattle Programs

S. Kidman & Co has developed new cattle programs and is pleased to introduce the two new brands underpinned by the Santa Gertrudis breed. These cattle will all be EU accredited, which will allow us access to the United Kingdom and European markets.

Kidman Branded Beef Program will consist of:

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