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S. Kidman Beef 120 Day & Premium
(MB 2-3 & MB 4-5)

S. Kidman cattle are raised on our Queensland and Northern Territory properties.

At 18-24 months of age, the cattle are finished off for a minimum 120 – 200 days in the Northern New South Wales feeding hub on a carefully formulated mixture of grains.

S. Kidman Pies

Indulge in our array of gourmet and delicious delights, from the LARGER size Kidman pies to the easy to host, canapé pies.

In addition to our classic pies try our new flavours Caramelised Onion & Cracked Pepper and Curry.


S. Kidman Cap Green

S. Kidman Cap Red

S. Kidman Cap Pink

S. Kidman Cap Blue

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