Queensland’s impressive red meat contribution

Queensland’s red meat contribution to the state and national economies can never be underestimated. No matter which way you do the maths, Queensland is pivotal to the success of the national industry. We account for over 40 per cent of the national herd, some 11 million head of cattle, which in itself accounts for close on 50pc of the nation’s beef and veal production. Farm gate production would account to close on $6 billion on latest estimates.

Queensland’s beef processing sector despite continuing roadblocks underpins the economic success of the state’s economy. As Queensland’s largest manufacturing industry, the beef processing sector employs an estimated 20,000 workers. Queensland exporters processed about 3.5 million head of adult cattle, which would be close enough to 50pc of the national total. That would equate to over 1 million tonnes of carcase weight of beef and veal. The importance of the processing sector should not be lost on all Queenslanders, as we can be proud that the high standards and excellent implementation of the integrity systems that the industry has in place that will continue to ensure that the red meat product that provides these important regional and urban employment opportunities should and will always be appreciated by all Queenslanders

Market and seasonal conditions continue to hamper and rebuilding efforts were challenged at the start of 2018 with poor rainfall across many cattle regions. The first half has seen both male and female slaughter running above 2017 levels. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) has responded to the larger flow of cattle and challenging conditions for many restockers, dipping below 500c/kg carcase weight (cwt) for the first time since mid-2015 (now minor recovery at 516 c/kg cwt) when the herd rebuild began in earnest. The re-build is on hold as female processing is hitting new highs in recent months. I hope that we have a ‘wet’ just around the corner and the herd re-build will kick-off again in early 2019.

Australia’s ‘First Lady of the Outback’ Gina Rinehart has commissioned a cookbook to be available for the lucrative Christmas present giving season. The publication will not only feature some of the first lady’s favourite dishes when she visits her rural stations, but will also include farm and station life stories from her vast rural empire which now includes the Sir Sidney Kidman properties acquired a couple of years ago.

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