S.Kidman & Co beef to be sold directly to diners under expansion by principal owner Gina Rinehart

Article by Paul Starick, courtesy The Advertiser

PREMIUM beef bearing the famed Kidman brand will be sold for the first time directly to Australian eateries as part of an expansion in South Australia revealed by Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart.

The pastoral and mining magnate arrived at Penfolds Magill Estate by helicopter to launch the Kidman Santa Gertrudis beef brand at a VIP event this week.

Mrs Rinehart, who became S. Kidman & Co’s principal owner in late 2016, has invested heavily in the company’s marketing and technology as part of a push to widen markets, particularly into China.

The 100-day grain fed Santa Gertrudis beef product will drive an expansion of Kidman’s Tungali feedlot at Sedan, east of the Barossa Valley, from 3000 head of cattle to more than 10,000.

Kidman is in talks with the State Government about securing the necessary water to help feed the cattle.

From next week, the Santa Gertrudis beef will be available at selected restaurants and hotels, including the North Kapunda Hotel – where company founder Sir Sidney Kidman’s former country house is now a high school.

“The 100-day grain fed Santa Gertrudis is another step in building upon and adding to the great Kidman legacy, recognising the great history of the 100-year plus company and paying respect to Sir Sidney Kidman and his endeavours, which started way back in the late 1800s,” a Kidman company statement said.

“The new business strategy includes, for the first time, taking the Kidman brand beyond the cattle saleyards, to improving the beef with grain feeding, and on to the dinner plates of Australian consumers.

“Kidman’s Australian Santa Gertrudis cattle are born and grown on our cattle stations in Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia and then fed grain for 100 days at our South Australian feedlot and then processed in South Australia.” Guests at the VIP function included SA Senator Cory Bernardi and Thomas Foods International chief executive officer Darren Thomas.

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