S.Kidman & Co Board Meeting in Adelaide

Sunday, 19 May 2019


S. Kidman & Co Directors were delighted to meet in Adelaide, the home of Kidman, for their recent board meeting.


During the board meeting, the Directors expressed their sincere thanks to all staff who’ve had it extra tough with the sad prolonged drought.


The Board discussed further capital spending towards the four S. Kidman & Co strategies of:



– Improving staff safety and welfare


– Improving stock and stock welfare: “happy, healthy cattle are better cattle”


– Assisting management, largely through technology, to improve productivity


– Lowering fuel and electricity costs, again with the benefits of technology



National Agriculture and Related Industries Day, November 21st, was also discussed. This year the gala dinner will be held for the first time in Perth, alongside the river, overlooking some of the city lights.

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