S. Kidman & Co renews multi-million-dollar jet partnership

Article courtesy of the Stock Journal.

The ongoing support from the Australian beef producer began with a foundational four-year partnership in 2019, which aided launching the first RFDS PC-24 aeromedical jet in SA.

A second RFDS PC-24 is now based in the NT, with both jets prominently displaying the S Kidman & Co brand in recognition of their substantial contribution and both jets airlift over 800 patients annually.

Operating around the clock, the primary mission of the RFDS PC-24 jets is to swiftly transfer critically ill patients, including those requiring neurosurgical, stroke, and spinal care, from remote areas to major medical centers in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Darwin.

Uniquely capable of carrying three stretchered patients and four clinicians on the same mission, the RFDS PC-24 is the only aeromedical jet in Australia with this capacity.

This enables RFDS crews to respond to remote multi-patient trauma incidents, perform long-haul transports for infants needing life-saving surgery along with their families, and facilitate the repatriation of larger groups of recovering patients.

S Kidman & Co and Hancock Agriculture chief executive officer Adam Giles announced the extended sponsorship at the signature RFDS ‘Wings for Life’ Gala Ball in Adelaide.

“Together, our partnership with RFDS represents a highly regarded union of two proud Aussie brands with shared values, united in their mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those in Australia’s outback,” he said.

As part of the broader partnership, S Kidman & Co will also be positioned as RFDS SA/NT’s preferred supplier of apparel for its corporate and operational staff uniforms, including provision of its recently acquired brands, Rossi Boots and Driza-Bone.

RFDS SA/NT strategy, brand & reputation executive general manager Charlie Paterson said the RFDS was extremely grateful to S Kidman & Co and Hancock Prospecting for its ongoing commitment towards supporting the RFDS and its delivery of the finest care to the furthest corner.

This included the donation in 2020 from Gina Rinehart and the Rinehart Medical Foundation to the RFDS at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to purchase additional medical equipment and build ‘surge capacity’ to respond to rural and remote communities.

“The impact of S Kidman & Co’s tangible contribution to our work is far reaching, and we are honoured to have both RFDS PC-24s badged with the S Kidman & Co logo for the next four years,” Mr Paterson said.

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